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If you work at One Way Recycling your efforts are appreciated, your ideas welcomed and supported, and your input valued. Your team depends upon you and you trust your team. You are not just a warm body you are a member of our team.

rafael ribon

Rafael Ribon

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Shane Bryant

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We value each and every one of our customers, join the team today. Please visit us at


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Our Approach to our Customers

  • Hear: We let the customer tell their entire story without interruption. Sometimes, we just want someone to listen.
  • Empathize: We deeply understand how the customer feels.
  • Apologize: If we make a mistake we can’t apologize enough. Even if we didn’t do whatever made you upset, we can still genuinely be apologetic for the way our customer feels (e.g., I’m always sorry that a customer feels upset).
  • Resolve: We resolve the issue quickly, and make sure that our employees are empowered to do so. We make sure our employees are not afraid to ask the customer: “what can I do to make this right?”
  • Diagnose: We get to the bottom of why the mistake occurred, without blaming anyone; we focus on fixing the process so that it doesn’t happen again.

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